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Best-in-Class Entire Residential Property Cleaning in Sacramento, CA

best-in-class entire property cleaning

New homeowner contacted us to do entire wash of the property. Which included: boat dock, pool, pool deck and sidewalk, roof wash, brick bbq pit area, back patio brick style, front patio also brick style, sun room and large driveway. this job was located garden highway 95834 which was a two day process. We first started with the roof wash which was a corrugated metal. we used soft wash with ph 5% and 2% surfactant adhere for about twenty minutes then we rise it down with pressure wash. the roof came out wonderful the customer stated. The next day we came back to complete the rest of the surfaces. My wife pressure wash the boat dock and I pressure washed the pool and pool deck along with the bbq pit. the remainder of the day we finished the patios and the driveway. this home was a multimillion dollar home that was just bought by our customer that they wanted the house washed before they moved in. this was our first high ticket job year date. it was a pleasure to do and would love to come back to keep up the appearance of the newly remodel home.

Service provided: Residential

Location: Sacramento, CA

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