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Grade A Roof Washing & Gutters Cleaning in Sacramento, CA

Grade A Roof wash & gutters cleaning

I was contacted by property manger for a house in Natomas area 95834 Groth Cir that needed a roof cleaning and gutter clean out. we provided a superior roof washing using 5% PH and 2% surfactant. Surfactant will help the PH to stick to the roof so it can preform the process to clean and kill organics living on the roof. Enable to make sure the product work properly we soft wash apply with a low pressure under 100 psi. This will make sure that we do not damage the roof .

To optimize the completion of the roof wash properly we had to recommend that they hire a tree trimer to come and cut some big limbs over the front patio roof . I was able to brake off dry limbs that were immediately touching the roof and Wes able to finish the roof cleaning. we had to administer a gutter clean out for proper water flow . We had to add on a service of gutter whiting . these gutters had never been cleaned before it had 2" of muddy sand and leaf/organics.This job was completed in 4 took longer because we did not expect the gutters to be that bad. over all the house was a hight end project

Location: Sacramento, CA

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