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Top Quality Roof Cleaning in El Dorado Hills, CA

Retired officer and his wife

We got a call from a family, called Jim and June and they asked for a roof cleaning mass on the roof.

I gave them a price over the phone and they said they are leaving for church so if I could come back another day, I told him the good news is that I do not need in the house the roof is outside lol. They got a laugh out of that and said, go ahead and come out and help us.

So it was a standard mossy roof cleaning, the northside had moss on it, of course. So I treated it with 5% pH hypo chloride and we got a beautiful roof at the end. I showed photos to Jim and June and they were amazed. Job well done they said.

Budget: 562.54

Location: El Dorado Hills, CA

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Products Used

    12.5 (PH) hypo chloride

Client Review

The fri before our house was to be painted I realized that I should have had the roof soft washed before it was painted to keep the dirt and debris from dirtying up the newly painted walls. It wasn’t until Saturday that Rob was able to get back to be. By this time …

- Jim Whitwell

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